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New Years Resolutions for the Greater Good

Having trouble thinking of New Years resolutions? Consider these six that aim to create a better and greener future for all of us. Read more

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7 Simple Tips from GoHealth Urgent Care: Healthier Eating in 2018

It's that time again...New Year's Resolutions. Start the year strong with healthy eating tips from Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care, who strives to keep you healthy and feeling your best year round! Read more

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Waste Less With These Green Gift Wrapping Ideas

Try these artfully sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper. Don't be afraid to get creative! Read more

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Coupons at Know Thy Food Cooperative

Know Thy Food Cooperative

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Business Info

Why We Heart Them

  • Community-owned cooperative grocery, owned by consumer members and hardworking staff members
  • Connecting members with local farms, food producers and wholesale distributors in Portland and surrounding areas
  • Your online farmers market

How They Meet Our Criteria

  • Self-certification - Dining - Sustainable Suppliers
  • Third Party - Food Alliance, USDA Organic

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