Last year schools and community organizations raised $340,000 with Chinook Book.

Our program is simple, effective and risk-free. There are no upfront costs or minimum orders. Your group will keep up to 50% of every print or mobile Chinook Book you sell, and you can return any you don’t sell. Our staff provides free promotional materials and support to help you reach your fundraising goals. See more details here.

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Bay Area

Katie Lippus
Community Outreach Manager
Phone: 510-550-8280
Fax: 510-550-8287


Stephanie Dytham
Senior Community Outreach Manager
Phone: 503-595-6932
Fax: 503-226-7917 

Twin Cities

Kate Rime
Project & Outreach Manager
Phone: 612-455-8380
Fax: 612-455-0258



Caroline Schwarz
Community Outreach Manager
Phone: 720-266-5058
Fax: 720-226-6090


Carrie DeBacker
Community Outreach Manager
Phone: 206-281-1122 x8004
Fax: 206-226-7798